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Venetia Evripiotou 


Venetia Evripiotou is an internationally awarded fine and visual artist  with an unbounded perspective. 
Born in Athens, she has travelled extensively in Europe, America and Asia in search of inspiration. In the meantime, she has forged a remarkable career in the advertising sector working mainly in Athens as a creative director for projects of major international brands.
Owner and founder of Artes Liberales and Dassera art a non- profit company for arts. Through her work for Dassera Venetia has travelled to India where she wrote and directed two short films.

First one was Counting Happiness, which premiered in New York and has been officially selected to many international film festivals and received a total of 17 international awards, it was also selected and screened at the prestigious Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles, and to Brooklyn Academy Film festival where 
New York times after screening, mention the film and the director.

Her other film -also written and directed in India- is a 2014 production titled 
Might be a profound film verite' type has been selected to 8 film festival and received two awards. This film’s completion has been delayed due to the creation of a film sponsored by Greek Film center titled Alina Hatson, which was screened at Athens International Film Festival in 2014 and traveled to several international festivals through the next years.




Venetia Evripiotou - Βενετία Ευριπιώτου

Whenever someone asks “what do you do for a living”, my favorite answer has always been, “I’m a fairy teller”.

The medium I use to shape my stories is of no importance; it could be a painting, some complicated art form or the moving image. All that matters is to touch a chord with people, to move even a single leaf in their emotional forest. Believe me when I say, the world is a small place. I have seen it all and in a way, the world is one big forest.

My previous film, Counting Happiness, counted just that -much happiness, many joys and many awards. After all, we are here to question ourselves, to cry and to laugh.

“Blow” says Alina, because deep inside she knows that the candles in our hearts never stop burning.


Venetia Evripiotou - Βενετία Ευριπιώτου


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