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Say cheese!

Alina Hatson behind the scenes: VENETIA EVRIPIOTOU with her two stars, YOULIKA SKAFIDA and GEORGE NIKOLAIDIS.

Alina and the City!

The director of Alina Hatson short film, Venetia Eviripiotou, is closely watching the monitor and the sound recorder, GIANNIS ANTYPAS. At the end of this scene Alina is seen leaving the set, followed by Saeed.

The visionary!

Alina Hatson was born in the mind of VENETIA EVRIPIOTOU who wrote the script of this short film and then brought her to life wearing another hat, that of the Film Director!

It is all in the eye!

The Director of Photography, DIMITRIS THEODOROPOULOS focuses carefully for the next scene at Alina Hatson's apartment.

A girl with super powders!

IOANNA MELI uses Inglot's super powders on GEORGE NIKOLAIDIS. The latter will soon give Alina the news that will trigger the sequence of events...!

Not that simple!

Keeping the cake hat made by Alexia Gloria Sapera (Circulo) on Alina's head turned out to be quite a challenge as she was constantly jumping on tables and dancing around. However, ALEXANDROS LIAKOS (Gino Hair and More) made it seem simple. IOANNA MELI and DAPHNE KOLIVAS watch Alexandros as he is putting his finishing touches.

Caught "red-hatted"!

Alina Hatson (aka YOULIKA SKAFIDA) viciously attacked by CHRISTOS KRESTENITIS, the notorious murderer with the clapper!

Drive me home!

TASSOS DEDES (1st from the right) is the mastermind behind the car scene. On his side KONSTANTINOS KOUKOULIOS (1st Camera-Assistant) and further on the left is the set's best boy, FRAGISKOS DAROUSOS!

One to One!

Last minute instructions from the director to her star. Alina Hatson is ready to act!

Ready, set, go!

Running around in an open car can seriously mess up your hair. Unless ALEXANDROS LIAKOS (Gino Hair and More) is somewhere nearby!

You can keep your hat on!

Trying desperately to avoid the scorching sun on one of this summer's hottest days. From left: Alina Hatson's DOP, DIMITRIS THEODOROPOULOS, his assistant KONSTANTINOS KOUKOULIOS and the Lighting Technician, GIANNIS MARAGOUDAKIS!

Star quality!

YOULIKA SKAFIDA looks astonishing moments before the shooting. IOANNA MELI did her magic tricks and kept Alina Hatson fresh and lovely all day long using Inglot's make up!

Our heroes!

Dozens of VOLUNTEERS added a touch of magic to the Alina Hatson short film. These are the passersby in red baseball caps who patiently flooded Halandri on a very hot day. Some, posed for a commemorative picture. We thank them all!

Red caps rule!

Production Manager, ELENA SIAMPOU poses with Alina as they both pay tribute to the film's core message, turning their hats around!

The Director's Cut!

VENETIA EVRIPIOTOU the director, shouts: Cut! The end!

More than 100 people worked tirelessly for almost two months in order to bring to life Alina Hatson, a charming woman born in the mind of Venetia Evripiotou who wrote the script and directed the film. Hover over the backstage photos to find out more about some of them.


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